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red cross bs

Went to the red cross to donate blood the other day. Everything went fine, then they took me behind one of those portable wall thingies to ask questions about my medical history. Everything went fine until the lady asked me what I was taking Estradiol for. I leaned in closer so noone could evesdrop, then told her I was undergoing a sex change procedure.
She wasn't openly hostile to it or anything, but then she must have felt the sudden urge to ask me what was apparently an extremely important and relevant question about my medical history: "So do you have boy parts or girl parts?"
What the hell.
You don't ask a guy in a wheelchair how he pees, you dont ask a person born intersexual what their genitals look like, so who did this lady think she was?
Anyway, I politely said something to the effect of 'thats none of your business', and that was that.
But then, after i had finished giving blood, a different nurse called me back to ask a few more questions. Since they thought at first I was a born female, they had neglected to ask a few 'male only' questions, and they wanted to go over them with me. Fair enough, I thought, until a few questions in it happened again; "So do you still have your penis?"
Good GOD, people!
I again asked if that was even an appropriate question, the she acted all apologetically and said someone else told her to ask me that (yeah, right). Maybe I'm crazy, but I would think that people working in a MEDICAL FIELD would know better than to get rudely intrusive like this.

okay, i want to know something.
and somebody please just give me an honest answer.
why do people seem to find my genitalia so god damned fascinating? i really do want to know. why do complete strangers find it appropriate to ask such rude, irrelivant questions right to my face?!
god damn.

the Red Cross is definately going to get a phone call now.
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